• Simple Check - Do you have it in you to be an automation tester ?

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    Automation has become a buzzword. Everyone in the software industry wants to convert their manual or redundant work into scripts that can run continuously without failure. Some teams have achieved it to a certain extent but nothing is 100% as we know. Also i keep coming across people who want to know where to start for automation.So people who are looking to move into automation or are confused if you can work as an automation tester, here is a simple check for you to know if you have the motivation, logical reasoning to be an automation tester. 

    Step 1 )

    Google search " string reverse using for loop in java". Traverse through the search results and find out the most relevant code. Go through the code and try to understand the code.Only proceed to step 2 if you have made good progress in step 1

    Step 2)

    Download a free IDE on your computer, Eclipse , Intellij. Install java in your computer if not already available.Write down the string reverse function and run the program. If the code fails, analyze the failure and try to fix the issue.

    If you feel lazy or do not like performing these two simple steps, please take a call yourself :) ! Please note there is no age limit to be an automation tester and hence you can use these steps anytime in your career. Let me know if this helps.

    From the author - Simple things can change the world -Aniruddha